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Pal Parker Archives

Thirty Years of Auto Racing Photography

Pal Parker has been recognized as one of the leading photographers of Stock Car Racing. His active racing photography career began in the early 60's and progressed through the late 90's. Pal was the official track photographer for the Atlanta Motor Speedway and North Carolina Motor Speedway at Rockingham.

Pal was the official photographer for the Charlotte Motor Speedway (now Lowes) for nine years. His archive contains thousands of photographs taken during the golden years of CMS. These photos are not available from any other source.

The archives contain over a half million images.These photos are available for publicatons, gallery art and other licensed uses. Please contact Pal for specific image searches.

These are just a few of the people we have images of: A.J. Foyt, Al Holbert, Alan Kulwiki, Allison, Alton Jones, Baxter Price, Ben Arnold, Benny Parsons, Bill Champion, Bill Dennis, Bill Elliott, Bill Hollar, Bill Schmitt, Bill Sedgwick, Bill Shirey, Billy Wade, Blackie Wangerin, Bob Burcham, Bob Riley, Bob Schact, Bobby Allison, Bobby Baker, Bobby Fox, Bobby Gerhart, Bobby Hamilton, Bobby Hillin Jr., Bobby Issac, Bobby Labonte, Bobby Wawak, Brett Bodine, Bruce Hill, Buck Baker, Bud Moore, Buddy Arrington, Buddy Barker, Butch Miller, Cale, Cale Yarborough, Cecil Gordon, Charlie Baker, Charlie Glotzbach, Charlie Roberts, Chuck Brown, Clarence Lovell, Clark Dwyer, Connie Saylor, Coo Coo Marlin, Cotton Owens, Curtis Turner, D.K. Ulrich, Dale, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Jarret, Dan Daugherty, Dan Gurney, Darel Dieringer, Darrel Waltrip, Dave Marcus, Dave Watson, Davey Allison, David Pearson, David Ray Boggs, David Simko, David Sisco, Davy Allison, Dean Combs, Dean Dalton, Dean Roper, Delma Cowart, Derrike Cope, Dick Brooks, Dick Hutcherson, Dick May, Dick Trickle, DJ, Don Waterman, Donnie Allison, Doug Heveron, Doug Yates, E Forbes Robbinson, Earl Balmer, Earl Brooks, Earl Ross, Earle Canavan, Ed Negre, Eddie Bierschwale, Eddie Yarboro, Elliott Forbes Robinson, Elmo Langley, Ernie Irvan, Ferrel  Harris, Fireball Roberts, Frank Warren, Fred Lorenzen, Friday Hassler, G.C. Spencer, Gary Balough, Gary Bettenhausen, Gary Myers, Gene Coyle, Geoff Bodine, George Altheide, George Follmer, Glen Francis, Glen Wood, Grant Adcox, Greg Sacks, Harold Miller, Harry Gant, Harry Gourlate, Henley Gray, Herschel McGriff, Hut Stricklin, J.D. McDuffie, Jabe Thomas, Jack Ingram, Jack Pennington, Jackie Rogers, James Hylton, Janet Gutherie, Jeff Hooker, Jerry Bowman, Jerry Cranmr\er, Jerry Schild, "Jesse Samples Jr,", Jim Broen, Jim Hunter, Jim Hurtubise, Jim Paschal, Jim Robinson, Jim Sauter, Jim Southard, Jim Vandiver, Jimmy Hensley, Jimmy Ingalls, Jimmy Means, Jimmy Purdue, Jimmy Spencer, Jody Ridley, Joe Fields, Joe Frasson, Joe Mihalic, Joe Millican, Joe Ruttman, Joe Weatherly, John  Sears, John Anderson, John Krebs, John Sears, Johnny Coy Jr., Johnny Halford, Johnny Rutherford, JR, Junior, Junior Johnson, Junior Miller, Ken Ragan, Ken Shrader, Keven Terris, Kyle Petty, L.D. Ottinger, Lake Speed, Larry Baumel, Larry Pearson, Larry Smith, Lee Petty, LeeRoy, LeeRoy Yarbrough, Lennie Pond, Les Covey, Mario Andretti, Mark Martin, Mark Stahl, Marty Robbins, Marvin Panch, Michael Waltrip, Mickey Gibbs, Mike Alexander, Mike Potter, Morgan Shepherd, Ned Jarrett, Neil Bonnet, Neil Castles, Nelson Oswald, Parnelli Jones, Paul Goldsmith, Paul Lewis, Pete Hamilton, Petty, Phil Barkdoll, Phil Parsons, Phill Good, Ralph Jones, Ramo Stott, Randy Baker, Randy Ogden, Ray Elder, Ray Fox, Raymond Williams, Rich Bickle, Richard Brickhouse, Richard Brown, Richard Childress, Richard Petty, Richie Panch, Rick Mast, Rick McCray, Rick Newson, Rick Wilson, Ricky Rudd, Rob Moroso, Rodney Combs, Roger Hamby, Ron Bouchard, Ron Esau, Ron Keselowski, Ronnie Thomas, Roy Smith, Rusty Wallace, Sam McQuagg, Sam Sommers, Scott Miller, Skip Manning, Slick Johnson, Soapy Castles, Stan Barrett, Sterling Marlin, Steve Christman, Steve Gray, Steve Moore, Summer Mcknight, Terry Bivins, Terry Labonte, Terry Ryan, Terry Schoonover, Tighe Scott, Tim Richmond, Tiny Lund, Tom Pistone, Tommie Crozier, Tommy Ellis, Tommy Gale, Tony Bettenhausen, Travis Tiller, Trever Boys, Walter Ballard, Wendell Scott, Woods Brothers,